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Ellesmere College - Sidekick dance school:

Dance has always been a popular and strongly supported activity at Ellesmere College. In November 2014 Charlotte Tomlinson and Kirsty Clarke joined the team at Ellesmere to form a regular dance group with the aim of producing a youth dance company for young people with disabilities. Together the name SideKick Dance was formed. Each term they create a new piece of choreography to perform for their friends and family. These young people have now also performed at Mass Movement (youth dance platform for East Midlands) 2014, Big Dance 2014 in Leicester Town Hall Square and at The Foundation for Community Dance, The Peepul Centre (Oct 2014), and they will be performing at Curve Theatre in November as part of a celebratory showcase for the special schools in Leicester and Leicestershire. There are currently 17 dancers who make up SideKick Dance. Sidekick Dance hopes to invite more young people with disabilities from other schools to join their group very soon. A fundraising day is also being organised to raise money for a company uniform.

For these young people dance has many benefits; enjoyment, including improved confidence and self-esteem, motor memory skills, co-ordination, and musicality, to name a few, and it’s a chance for them to make new friends and express themselves whilst exploring creativity.

“Dance Club has been so beneficial to our students. It has enabled them to express themselves freely, gaining confidence each week and allowing them to give their self esteem a massive boost. It has been inspirational to watch each student progress and achieve a high standard for them in dance but most importantly of all, to see their smiley faces and enjoying themselves. Dance enables them to actually succeed in doing something that they really enjoy and love to do”. Sue Mangham HTA- Ellesmere College.

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