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Impact of coaches Oaklands School

Due to a rapidly changing pupil population at Oaklands we have looked at the curriculum and staff confidence closely. Staff were surveyed and gaps in knowledge and areas were confidence was lower were identified. Some staff were sent on specific training and this was cascaded. All staff attended a PE based INSET day in January 2014. As part of the affiliation to LARISA/ Inspire 2 we receive 20 hours coaching from a specialist sports coach, as well as additional coaching from sports specific coaches as funding is made available to them. As a school, we decided to extend the coaching received from the specialist sports coach. Each class teacher will have received five weeks of coaching. During the sessions all member of the class team are present. The coach has also been given time to produce session outlines, providing us with a written record of what has been covered.

The staff have now been surveyed and their view on the coaches has been sought.

Feedback has been extremely positive:

“Fabulous. He arrived each week with lots of great ideas for warm ups and main activities for gross and fine motor skills, communication activities, eye contact and for developing skills”

“I use his ideas in all sessions. I like the way he gives us tips on how to extend the activities and we could see improvements in the children over the weeks. I use all of the ideas and activities”

“Children really enjoyed the different tasks and activities that we took part in and by the time we got to the last couple of weeks. They were trying to do things that were harder than our expectations of what they could do and achieve”

“Children got a lot from it. Adults learnt some new ideas. Children were able to do things that the staff didn’t expect. It was good to have a male working with the children as they responded really well. He has lots of experience with special needs, changing the activities as appropriate and taught us lots of new activities that we can continue to use with the children.

“There sessions were extremely useful. Children took part and enjoyed the activities. Staff learnt new ideas over the short period and the children’s core skills and co-ordination improved noticeably. FAB! Something all of the children looked forward to.”

“The children were able to shine”