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We are passionate about inspiring young people to participate, excel and enjoy physical activity and sport!

Leicester City School Sport & Physical Activity Network works closely with the city's primary, secondary and special schools to ensure that all young people in Leicester City have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy PE, Sport & Physical Activity to encourage life-long activity and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Competitions & events for Primary, Secondary, and Special Schools 
  • Physical Activity & Health opportunities
  • Leadership, Volunteering & Coaching
  • Club Links & Community Partnerships
  • CPD, Training & Resources

Active Anita'a Christmas Challenges......

                                    Page 1 AA Photo                                           AA 1 photo              

                                                  Click Here for PDF format                                                                                     

                                  AA 2 photo                                             AA 3 photo

                                    AA 4 photo                                            AA photo 5                                                                             

                                  AA 6 Photo                                            AA 7 photo

                                  AA 8 photo                                           AA 9 photo

                                   AA 10                                            AA 11

                                                                                                     AA 12

Supporting Active Anita Christmas Videos

Active Anita Challenge 2 - Snowball Golf

Active Anita Challenge 5 - Funkey Feet Festive Dance

Active Anita Challenge 7 - Present Throw

Active Anita Challenge 8 - Mindfulness 


In these stressful times why not take a few minutes to relax with a short Mindfulness video...

Series 1-  Well-being Videos
1 - Taking a Pause 

2 - Peace in the Present

3 - Going Easy on Ourselves

4 - The Unseen Burden 

5 - Look for Good 

6 - Mindfulness of Breathing 

Series 2 - Well-being Videos
1 - External and Internal Happiness

2 - Our Visiting Emotions 

3 - Embracing a Rollercoaster Life 

4 - Learning to Use The Breath

5- Investigating Feelings

6- Noticing Weather Within Us and Around Us

During the winter months why not keep warm and play our Wellopoly game!

WELLOPOLY GAME & ANSWERS Click to download the pdf format and play at home!



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