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Important documents & policies, Quick access links below, please click:
Leicester City SSPAN Code of Conduct
Leicester City SSPAN Safeguarding Plan
Leicester City SSPAN Social Media Policy

Leicester City SSPAN Code of Conduct

We want all of our competitions and events to be enjoyable, played in the right spirit and fun for all concerned. 

We ask all of our schools to subscribe to our Code of Conduct which can be found HERE.

The Code of Conduct will help us to ensure that all participants, young leaders, teachers, supporters and parents follow the ethos of the School Game Values:

Respect   Honesty
    Teamwork     Determination
 Passion  Self-Belief

In addition to the code of conduct ‘Spirit of the Games’ Awards will be made at city competitions to schools that display the School Games Values consistently whether they win, lose or draw.

We believe that competition creates the ideal context in which to explore personal values and conduct, as through it young people can learn how to handle victory and defeat, how to believe in their abilities and achieve their personal best, and how to respect their opponents and work with their team-mates to achieve success.

The way in which schools communicate these values and involve young people in championing this cause will help bring the Spirit of the Games to life. This will ensure that competitive school sport is a rich learning experience for young people, and an experience which develops them to be not only the best sports person they can be but the best person they can be as well.

Please help us to communicate these values to everyone involved in our events to ensure that the opportunity to participate and compete is a positive one for all of our young people, encouraging life-long participation.      

Leicester City SSPAN Child Protection & Safeguarding Plan

Working with young people on a day to day basis we take child protection and safeguarding very seriously, and we are committed to work in partnership with our schools to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of all young people who attend our events and competitions.

Please take the time to make yourself and others within your school familiar with our Event Child Protection and Safeguarding Plan which can be downloaded HERE and our Social Media Policy which can be downloaded HERE

For all of our city young people:


As a young person involved in sport you have a right to:

  • Be treated fairly
  • Enjoy your sport


There should be someone at your School or Club you can talk to. If not, speak to an adult you trust who will help you.

Information on local and national support available for children, parents/carers and school staff can be found HERE.



  • Be organised and on time
  • Treat you with respect
  • Support and encourage you
  • Never use bad language


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