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Due to the restrictions on schools running trips to access fixtures and competitions, we have developed inivative alternatives to traditional competitions and events to support our city schools to maintain competitive sport, and to develop new ways of encouraging physical activity for their students.

We run two strands of online initiatives to support schools to be active and to encourage all young people to get active and be involved:

Digital Challenges

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Our 'Digital Challenges' support informal participation for young people of all abilities to test and improve on their 'Personal Best' score.

This takes the emphasis away from competing against others, and often makes the activity more accessible for less active young people.

The challenges can be for individuals or teams to take part in, and are based around skills that are used in different sports.

The Digital Challenges are designed to encourage participation and the improvement of core skills in a fun and inclusive way.

Virtual competition

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Our 'Virtual Competitions' are a chance for schools to perform a set of challenges, and to match their best score against other schools.

The format of the competitions allows a number of challenges to be replicated across schools, creating consistent results to be shared.

The results are coordinated and a leaderboard is created including all schools that have taken part in the competition.

Some schools use this format to challenge their more able students , others use it as another opportunity to get all young people involved!

We hope that this format can recreate some of the excitement of a 'live' competition, as school 'team' achievements are recognised & celebrated.


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