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Leadership and Volunteering

We believe that giving young people opportunities to volunteer at our events, leading and officiating their peers gives a unique opportunity to develop many transferable life skills which can enhance their experience within school, and open doors to further education and employment. Volunteering and developing as a young leader can support increased self-esteem, raised attainment,  and an opportunity to gain a wide range of recognised qualifications.

Leadership Training in Schools

We have developed comprehensive leadership training programmes to be delivered in our schools, which gives the opportunity for more young people to experience the programme and engage in leadership.

The Virtual Leadership Training Programmes for both Primary and Secondary are made up of a number of recorded workshops which guide the leaders through their training, complimented by learner workbooks and other supporting resources.

When the young leaders have completed their training, they track their voluntary hours of leadership supporting or running sessions and competitions at their school, and will be recognised by the SSPAN for the hours that they complete with landmark certificates:
Bronze -10 hours, Silver - 20 hours, Gold - 30 hours and Platinum - 50 hours.

You can access the Virtual Training Programmes with your membership login and password through the links below:

Primary Leadership Training Programme

Secondary Leadership Training Programme

National Governing Body Training & Qualifications

We are commited to training young leaders to support our School Games programme, with the most committed having an opportunity to lead on the Nationally recognised LeicesterShire & Rutland School Games Level 3 county competitions.

We look to utilise young leaders for our many city competitions from all of our secondary schools and further education colleges. Extra support is available to young people who may need specific support to progress on the leadership pathway through the Inspire to Lead project.

We work closely with our collegues from sports National Governing Bodies to give our leaders relevant training to support sport specific competitions, in many cases offering nationally recognised qualifications to allow our leaders to use their skills in their own schools and community sports clubs.

The best of the young leaders utilised in the School Games programme are offered the opportunity to apply to join the Leicestershire and Rutland Sport Elite Leadership Academy.  

The Leadership Pathway

The Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network (SSPAN) provides opportunities at each level of the leadership pathway to train up and deploy students to support events and festivals through out the year. The diagram below summaries our pathway.

 L and V 15 16 edited                                                                                                                                                                                         

 2018/19 Successes in Leadership and Volunteering                                                            

* Number of young leaders/ volunteers engaged - 234

* Number of 16 yrs + volunteers  engaged - 92

* 6 x Primary Leader Training Conferences run with over 250 year 5 leaders trained.

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