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We are passionate about inspiring young people to participate, excel and enjoy physical activity and sport!

Leicester City  School Sport & Physical Activity Network works closely with the city's primary, secondary and special schools to ensure that all young people in Leicester City have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy PE, Sport & Physical Activity to encourage life-long activity and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Competitions & events for Primary, Secondary, and Special Schools 
  • Physical Activity & Health opportunities
  • Leadership, Volunteering & Coaching
  • Club Links & Community Partnerships
  • CPD, Training & Resources                                                                                                                               

Big Moves

The BIG MOVES Developmental Movement Intervention Programme has been created to help the growing numbers of children in mainstream school, whose delayed physical development is a very real barrier to listening and concentration, learning success and appropriate behaviour. It is recognised that more than 80% of children have some kind of movement development issues when measured against national milestones, and children are becoming increasingly inactive.’

This programme is targeted towards Foundation stage/Year 1 children who struggle with fundamental movement, fine or gross motor skills, co-ordination and core strength. Big Moves is designed to improve physical development by use of small groups and hands on techniques, to ensure children have access to careful yet individual attention! Click Here to view and download Parent Resource Cards


Did you know that May is the 'Living Streets' National Walking Month, walking is free, flexible and can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.  If this is not something that you would normally encorporate into you day, why not make this the month of change? 

Try starting with the #TRY20 Campaign, a campaign to help you start with a 20 minute walk each day.  CLICK HERE for tips and ideas to help you fit 20 minutes walking into you day!




  When was the last time you visited a Leicester Park?  We are extremely lucky to have a   large selection of parks and open spaces available to us within our city.  For more   information on location and facilities available at each CLICK HERE


     Coming to a street near you this May...Beat the street logo Beat the          Beat the Street is a fun, free walking, scooting and cycling game which gets pupils and their families out and about in the local area, having fun and keeping healthy. The Leicester game starts on 26th May and will run through until 7th July 2021. 

Developed by a team of doctors and physical health experts led by Dr William Bird MBE, a GP working on the NHS frontline against COVID-19, Beat the Street is the perfect way to get moving safely after lockdown. Physical activity is proven to boost physical and mental health and immunity, which helps the body resist bacteria and viruses including COVID-19

Your child will be given a fob from their school to enable them to play along. For more information on how to play and the location of the 'Beat Boxes' visit their website

**Competition Time** Can you design a new T-Shirt for Active Anita? The winner will have their t-shirt design printed for her to wear while she is playing along with the Beat the Street game.  Click Here to download your template  Closing date 17th May. Please colour your design in felt tip pens rather than paint or pencils, this will provide a clearer image for printing

Leicester City Beat the Street Design a T Shirt Competition Leicester City Beat the Street Design a T Shirt Competition 1


 How about Challenging your family to a Scavenger Hunt?  We have four to choose from...

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 1 Book Scavenger Hunt 3 Senses Scavenger Hunt 2

Indoor Scavenger Hunt PDF                     Outdoor Scavenger Hunt PDF               Book Scavenger Hunt PDF                     Senses Scavenger Hunt PDF

Why not try making your own Scavenger Hunt?

  Keeping Active ....

60 Min a day summer term

 Click here for PDF Version 

For a list of additional websites to help keep you active Click Here     

WELLOPOLY FINISHED 1 Something for a 'Slow Down Sunday' whilst still keeping active, why not download our 'Wellopoly Game'                                                           Wellopoly printable PDF & Answer Sheet   

   Cooking with Active Anita...

AA NEW Breakfast AA NEW Lunch AA NEW Dinner



   Why not take a few minutes to relax with a short Mindfulness video...

Series 1-  Well-being Videos
1 - Taking a Pause 

2 - Peace in the Present

3 - Going Easy on Ourselves

4 - The Unseen Burden 

5 - Look for Good 

6 - Mindfulness of Breathing 

Series 2 - Well-being Videos
1 - External and Internal Happiness

2 - Our Visiting Emotions 

3 - Embracing a Rollercoaster Life 

4 - Learning to Use The Breath

5- Investigating Feelings

6- Noticing Weather Within Us and Around Us

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