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Women's Health in Sport & Physical Activity (WHISPA)

For the 2019/20 academic year our long established flagship secondary event focusing on inspiring young women to be more active had a rebrand to WHISPA (Women’s Health In Sport and Physical Activity). This allowed for the addition of a mental health and well-being agenda to enhance our offer to our secondary member schools and young people.

The programme targeted eight Year 9 Female Students from each of our Secondary and Special Schools who are members of the Leicester City School Sport & Physical Activity Network (SSPAN).

The day was organised by staff from the Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network and Leicester City Council, along with a steering group of Key Stage 3 female students from across the city.

Through WHISPA, we looked to influence and support behavioural changes (mental health and well-being, body image/self-esteem/physical activity) through not just the high-profile event, but also with follow-up sessions at each school with a clear intent, implementation and impact focus.

We wanted to provide an exciting, fun and sociable experience so that young women are left feeling confident and inspired to pursue healthier, happier lifestyles and choices in the future.

WHISPA provides an opportunity for students to take part in a variety of different activities that may not be currently available through their school provision. The special thing about WHISPA is that all of the young women are beginners together, and their enthusiasm for trying new things is infectious!

Every participant was given the chance to choose which activities they would like to try which hopefully opened the student’s eyes as to how much activity Leicester city has to offer within the school environment, but also beyond into local leisure facilities, clubs and community sessions! 

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